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The Process That One Should Follow To Receive A Yacht Brokers License

Yacht brokers license is one of the key requirement that an individual should have to qualify to be a professional in this field. The process requires a series of steps that are usually followed. Below is the various stages and requirements that one should undergoes when looking for a yacht brokers license.

Minimum qualification. The first step in application of the yacht license is the presentation of the owners qualification. For example, one should be at least eighteen years of ages, have a well-established location for the business. Also, one should have been employed as a licensed yacht brokers for at least one year in the period of last five years. If one is not in a position to meet the above requirements, it is quite hard to get the license for this case.

Filling of the forms. Ones the step one is over, it is the time to fill the required forms regarding the yacht information. It should be carried out by the individual wishing to have the license certificate. Valid information should be given where necessary. The various forms filled include the yacht and ship broker license application. Other are the yacht and ship broker surety bond form and instruction sheet and lastly is the applicant fingerprints live-scan form. Once this process is complete, it is the time to proceed to the third step for the application.

Licenses fee. For any application, there are must be a charging fee to help in processing of the document. In yacht brokers licensing process, there are two types of fee that are usually paid. One includes the fee for the original licenses which is around two hundred dollars while the second is the written examination fee. This involve twenty-five dollars. The total fees should be given with the duly completed application forms.

Photograph and written examination. One the fee is paid, it is important to present the passport which should be two in numbers and as according to the required size. Once this is given, the next thing is the written examination. All the information will be given along with the correct dates and the location where the examination took place within the scheduled dates.

License issuance. Having successfully completed the above processes, the next and the last thing is receiving of the original license certificate. This is given after the concerned personnel have gone through the information given and coming up with conclusion that it is true and exact as required. The license given is usually renewable after a certain period of time normally two years. Failure to renewal, there are penalties given to the individual. thus, it is important to consider having a valid license whenever carrying out the yacht brokers job. having followed the above steps, there is easy of getting the requirement and within the shortest time possible. The only thing required is to produces documents that are valid with the relevant information as it is need by the concerned people.