The Best Skateboards For 2018

Dont stick to that old and worn skateboard that was given to you as a hand-me-down. If you want to enjoy the ride, then go get a brand-new board from this list of the best in 2018. Not only can you find something newer, but you will also be able to do much more with it and have easily twice as much fun.

1. Ancheer 31-Inch Pro Complete Skateboard

If you will invest money in a new board, it is better to choose one that is durable. This way, you will not worry about breaking it while riding or doing stunts. This model from Ancheer is where you should put your money on, as it is the perfect board for both kids and adults and it will last years. Moreover, there is no need to assemble it and it will suit all skaters, regardless of their experience.

2. High Bounce Complete Skateboard

Beginners will find this model a great one to learn skateboarding with. Both for adult or child use, it gives you a smooth ride due to its wheels and the ABEC-7 bearings. With a maximum weight of up to 85 kilograms, it will perform very well regardless of how heavy you are. It will not require any assembly and the cruiser is made of high bounce plastic that will last for a long time. The fact that it is also quite affordable rounds off its selling points.

3. Ancheer Mini Cruiser Skateboard

If you are looking for something for your child, then this is the right one for you. It is specifically designed for younger riders, as it is not too big for them. It is perfect as well for stowing away in their backpack. They will also love the smooth and tough wheels, high precision speed bearing, and a bendable non-slip deck with a kicktail. In addition, it delivers fast spinning with absolutely zero noise.

4. Penny Longboard Skateboard

The shape can really make a huge difference in the quality of the ride. For example, the pintail shape of the Penny Longboard Skateboard will allow you to go faster than other models. Even when going fast, you can still expect easy maneuvering of the skateboard due to the ultra-precise ABEC bearing. Beyond being ergonomic, it is high quality, too. The reverse kingpin trucks make this skateboard durable and long-lasting. With all of these features, you will be pleasantly surprised that it is also quite affordable.

5. Quest Skateboards Best 44-inch Bamboo Super Longboard Skateboard

Long and wide skateboards are the best when it comes to riding comfort and stability. You will be sure to have a good grip and you will enjoy the huge truck and deck. It is also quite popular due to the fact that it is made of original bamboo, making this skateboard quite long-lasting. Maneuvering will be quite a breeze due to its genuine ABEC 7 speed, making sure you can turn quickly and precisely, no matter what speed you have.

While there are many other great models out there, here are some that will suit you, regardless of specific needs or requirements. You can guarantee that these will be of top quality and that you can truly enjoy every single ride on it.