Jose Mourinho: Betrayal of the Special One

The act of Chelsea football club firing Jose Mourinho has gone into the history books as one of the greatest forms of betrayal. Chelsea fired the only man who had the passion for the team. He loved Chelsea but those he loved did not accept him. The act however has not taken away the fact that Mourinho is the best manager ever and too bad Chelsea will never ever enjoy being under his care.

Cristiano Ronaldo has offered Jose Mourinho some encouragement, admitting he sees the Chelsea manager as one of the top coaches in world football.

The egotistical pair didn’t have the best of relationships at Real Madrid and a recent excerpt from Guillem Balague’s new Ronaldo biography claims the two almost came to blows while Mourinho was the manager of Los Blancos.

But Mourinho, who is enduring the toughest spell of his managerial career at Stamford Bridge, has been handed a confidence boost by the reigning World Player of the Year.

“I would put him at the top, I always say that,” Ronaldo said, speaking to BT Sport.

“He’s a good coach, he did many good things and won many trophies for other clubs.

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Jose Mourinho is said to be fired on the grounds that he was not delivering. He however changed the statement and said that Chelsea players betrayed him. This could be true considering the fact that you can take a donkey to the river but you cannot force it to drink from it. Jose gave his all to the players but unfortunately the players did not give their all to Jose. All they did is perform poorly and when it was time to be accountable, they saw an easy way out, blame the donkey owner for the donkey not drinking water from the river.

Players who “betrayed” Mourinho


John Terry

Last season’s average rating: 7.03.

This season’s average rating: 6.53

Form loss: .50

Blame it on his ageing limbs, or the fact that Mourinho managed to just get an extra golden year out of him last time around, the writing looked on the wall for Terry this season when he subbed at half-time of their 3-0 defeat at Manchester City in August. In defence of his form, Terry insisted recently that ‘his legs hadn’t gone and he was never quick’.

Branislav Ivanovic

Last season’s average rating: 7.25

This season’s average rating: 6.74

Form loss: .51

A square peg in a round hole, centre-half (by trade) Ivanovic found strong form over the previous three seasons by making the club’s right-back slot his very own. Some questionable form this season has seen the Serbian fall well off the pace and he’s found himself caught out on more than one occasion.

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Mourinho was not called the special one for nothing. He did great work and the teams he coached in the past have never been the same without him. The managers who took over still face criticism about their tactical approach. The man is good at one thing, turning things around. He worked with the likes Drogba and Drogba gave back a hundred percent. Just like a prophet, Didier Drogba said that the team he played with were better than the current. So the question is, was Jose Mourinho the only one responsible for Chelsea’s failure?

Drogba first linked up with Mourinho at Stamford Bridge in 2004 after completing a £24million move from Marseille, with the striker going on to enjoy a highly successful time at the club – winning 10 trophies until his departure in 2012.

But following his exit from the club in May, Drogba has admitted the first Chelsea side he played in were better than last year’s team because of their trophy haul – but is confident the current “younger” side will only get better.

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