How to Keep Your Hoverboard in Tiptop Shape

Just like cars, hoverboards need some maintenance to keep them in top condition at all times. A well-maintained overboard will last for several years and will always be safe to ride. Here are ways to keep your device in top form.

1. Clean the board well
The board carries the weight of the rider and so it must always be in excellent condition. It must be clean at all times.

Before cleaning the board, unplug it from an outlet to prevent getting the outlets wet. Using a damp cloth, wipe the board thoroughly with a damp cloth. Remove all dirt so that it will not accumulate and cause the board to malfunction. Try twisting the screw and tighten those that are loose. Check for cracks and other structural damage. Cracks can cause the board to break and disintegrate while you are riding it, resulting in serious or even fatal injuries.

2. Keep the batteries clean
The hoverboard is powered by built in batteries. Once these batteries die, the hoverboard will not glide anymore. The batteries must be cleaned and checked frequently. Cracks and burns might lead to battery explosions so once you have noted some irregularities, check them out right away. If they are in good condition, clean them with a lightly moistened cloth to remove dirt and dust. After this, place your batteries inside. Avoid overcharging or draining your batteries because this shortens their life.

3. Check the wheels
The wheels can be the most overworked parts of the hoverboard and must be kept well-maintained. They must be smooth and have traction on the surface. Most hoverboards have dual-system wheels so that is can be easily propelled forward or backward. Check for signs of wear and tear and if there are, it will be best to have the wheels replaced.

One cause of excessive wear and tear is unbalanced wheels. Check if the wheels are balanced and aligned if not, find a mechanic who knows how to fix the problem. Removing dirt that stick on the tires such as pebbles and pointed objects is highly recommended. If your hoverboard is still under warranty, you may contact the manufacturer for advice and free fixes on your device.

4. Use the hoverboard properly
Ride your hoverboard in surfaces that are appropriate for its capabilities. Riding a hoverboard that can only be used on smooth surfaces on rough grounds is not only dangerous; it will also contribute to the rapid wear and tear of your board.

Observe the correct weight limit. Some tricks would require two riders on one board. Consider the combined weight and if it is beyond the usual capacity, do not do it. It can lead to damage to your board. Keep your board in its proper place after each use. Placing it just anywhere could mean someone might stumble on it cause damage.

A well-maintained hoverboard can last a long time especially when it is of high quality. But no matter how expensive it is, if you do not take care of it, your hoverboard might last for only a few months.